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We specialize in Mixing, Mastering, Recording & Custom Music Production! At Legacy Pro Studios we’ll give you the attention and personal professional service, to give you the "Sound" and "Experience" you need to push your career forward!

At Legacy School of Music, we are committed to spirited learning: Teaching Music Production & Audio Engineering. Unplugging, Educating, and Repositioning the youth and young adults through Music Awareness, Mentorship, Technical training, and STEM! We invite you to learn more about Legacy School of Music, Inc. and discover an education built for our Youth!

Through "Love" in our Mentorship Program, we "Unplug" troubled Youth out of their destructive Environment, "Educate" them on Life Skills and exactly how certain types Music are destroying them Spiritually & Physically, then we "Reposition" them in their family and community as LEADERS with a New Life!