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The beginnings of this organization were simple and started out as an idea to bring a name for dancing, stepping, and sliding to the ATL. 

Originally from Phenix City, Alabama, Reggie grew up with the old school Swing, Bop and so forth and always had a fascination for the dances he saw his mother, grandmother and all their friends doing, so as he got older he was very eager to learn the dances that had intrigued him so.

September 2008 Reggie was approached and asked by the owner of Grown Folks Club if he could teach stepping, the dance, due to his interest to bring something new and exciting to the club.


The following month Reggie took off with excitement and immediately started teaching classes every Friday, though the reception was satisfactory it still did not generate the business that had been expected. After numerous attempts to draw the "CROWD" on Friday's failed to fill the club, he made the decision to give Thursday's a try in January 2009.



South Side Steppers ATL


Atlanta, GA

Design Date:

2014 (ongoing)

Type of Design:

Logo, Flyer, Social Media Graphics, Website


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