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Behind The Brand

We are a group of innovative professionals here to share our vast combined knowledge, experience and wisdom in the creative process to the masses of people that are inspired to design their own futures in business. We strive to educate and galvanize those that need it.

Common Photo/Video Questions

How did you get into photography?

I began shooting photos at the very beginning of my design career as I was intern for various event coordinators, fashion designers, and restaurant owners that would allow me to edit their photos from their photographers. I would edit at a high level that the quality of the photos became worse over time due to poor lighting and stylization of the photographers. I knew what I wanted to see and I took things into my own hands. The rest is history.

Do I need my own props with my products?

That is a good question that can be answered in two ways. 1. Yes. It would greatly help the creative process if you would supply your own props to be used in the photography journey, given that you know exactly what concepts you're striving to achieve. 2. No. In the event that I creative a concept around your product, I will provide my props from the deposit that you pay before we begin. Strategically, I will want to cater to the brand of your business by designing a look and feel that is complementary.

Why do I need professional photos taken?

We live in a very volatile society where having a great first impression could not be any more important to aim for than ever. With professionally shot photos that are carefully strategized and catered to the brand theme of your company is something to not overlook. It is that extra step that separates you from the base-level competition around you. In addition, having photos that are purposefully edited to the right amount of lighting and contrast, point of view, angles, and dimensions will make your product or service present with more quality.

What are your credentials?

How do I use the finished photos once I receive them?

Some of the many ways you can use these new photos are for revamping your social media presence. Using these photos for advertisements of your latest product or service. When you print, you can rest assured that your images are formated to show clear, vivid and sharp in any upcoming project.


Our Mission

In the photo and cinema industry, our mission is to sculpt and mold the narrative of a brand that will be known for being the grad A standard in their lane. Our focus is on the products and services that speak for the brands definition.

Our Vision

To translate fragmented concepts in a way that one is able to communicate to a target audience with precision and purpose.

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