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I have over a decade of experience in the creative industry, producing amazing user experiences for brands that are as smart, as they are effective in their field.


His Years.

Efficient. Well-Versed. Broad Thinker, Visionary.

A southern California native, Michael found his passion for creative arts, at a very young age of 8. Growing up in a home-schooled household, he was fortunate to pick up and study his many interests, such as cartoon illustration, architecture, film-making, photography, music production, music composition, and more. Throughout the years, he has harnessed his craft and channels them in multiple streams of media.


Michael currently holds skills in the piano, violin, cello, double bass, songwriting, and music production, film-making, design, illustration, photography and more. As a musician, he picked up the nickname 'MC', given that it was apart of his name already. As he grew into his persona, he evolved into 'Michael Crowne' by wanting to stand by something that sounded prestigious and could represent leadership. 

After completing home-school, Michael pursued The Art Institute of Atlanta to refine his graphic design skill-set. With both sides of the fence in being self-taught and obtaining the formal education, Michael has expanded his graphic art and design work in the fields of web design, print design, restaurant menus, logos, murals, and wall art. To add to his abilities even further, he has taken on videography, to document the development of his many pieces of artwork.


Today, Michael Crowne claims his thrown to rein in as one of the most diverse and competitive graphic artist and innovator.

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