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Hello, I am Michael Crowne

The spark that inspires creativity comes in many forms: music, nature, people, and society. It is assumed there is a limitless amount of sensory download that can occupy my mind before that creative thought is conjured. When I combine a muse with everyday thoughts, I incorporate mystery, wonder, and peace to tell a story. This need to express thought provocation in today’s modern society is the motivation that drives the vehicle of my painted visions.

I was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I pursued my passion for the Arts through the self-study of literature in various libraries, as a child. In my studies, I surrounded myself with an ample amount of Poetry, Science, History, Music, and Theory; this gave me the space and time to hone my craft.

Over the years, I have lived in various areas of Atlanta and have embraced the creative culture that thrives throughout the city. I currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida.

As you decide to pursue my work, you’ll realize that I have adopted a style of leaving the eyes out of my faces. The subject of my art allows room for interpretation by viewers.

A few images are recognizable as a tangible object or a physical location; however, each piece is understood by me and has a place in my heart.


Feel free to contact my company with any questions. Enjoy viewing the gallery!



About My Style of Art

Soap Store Customer

My style of art is called Dreamscape Surrealism. It challenges one’s perception of reality and encourages one to read between the lines.


It is mostly made up of clean and crisp formatting that makes it easy on the eyes to explore with very little complication.


The subject is almost always never obvious at first glance.

Watercolor Paint



Soap Store Customer


Connect with my socials so you can keep up with all of my latest projects. From mystery commissions to large murals. There is always something creative that I will be taking on!

Join the movement!

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